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How to use Rad Roller


Lay back onto the roller and let your body completely relax. Breathe in and out, then lift your ribcage up off the roller, move to the next segment of your spine and repeat. Work your way up from low back to the base of the skull.


Rest the base of the skull on the roller. Either relax in this position, or make small one-inch circles with the roller to help release tight musculature. Work around the head and stop once you get just behind your ear. Repeat on the other side.


Face a wall or pillar and hold the roller like you’re holding a bottle of water. Start making small circles right below the outer edge of the collarbone and work down in the direction of the opposite hip.


Lie belly-down and place the roller just below the elbow. Roll back and forth, stopping on any knots and using slow, circular motions to release them.


Lay on your side and let the roller sink deep into the hip. Slowly start to make small circles, opening up the tissue from your hip bones to the base of your spine.


Lie face down, with the roller just below the hip crease. Work side to side, and gradually down towards the knee making sure to also externally rotate the hip (so your inner leg is contacting the roller) to hit where the quads reach down on the side of the knee.


Sit on the ground and lay your calf on the roller. Search for the tender point right between the knee and ankle and work small circles around it, moving down toward the heel and stopping just before the Achilles tendon.


Place your foot on top of the roller, and gently begin to roll back and forth, putting pressure on the inner portion of the arch and focusing on creating length along the bottom of the foot.

RAD Roller Basics

Lower Back

Forearms and Arms

Neck Tension

Ankles and Feet

Upper Back

*The RAD Roller is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Talk to your doctor before using the RAD Roller. Please roll responsibly.